Where did AI come from?

Where did AI come from?

Artificial intelligence (“AI”) applications are growing. From facial recognition technology to shopping online, AI is being used to supplement — and at other times substitute — human decision making. Where does AI come from, how was it developed, and where is it heading?

On March 7th, in conjunction with the AI Accelerator Institute in London, AI Keyhole series was launched to address some of these issues. The series will invite various members of the AI community to speak on these topics. The first guest was Professor Michael Wooldridge of the University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science. The subject: origination and development of AI. The podcast from that talk can be listened to via the recording below. To learn more about the date and guest for the next installment, please e-mail the host — Ryan — at: rlong@landapllc.com.

Podcast Interview with Professor Michael Wooldridge of Oxford University’s Computer Science Department

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