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We solve thorny intellectual property related issues without the “sticker shock” of a larger firm. Our clients include pioneering tech, media, and design clients. Over the years, we’ve developed IP portfolio strategies for clients like Kanvas Labs (acquired by AOL) so they can scale and get acquired. When necessary, we’ve successfully litigated IP, contract, and related First Amendment claims at the trial and appellate levels. Recently, for example, we represented an ex-Google privacy researcher in connection with the company’s defense against a $5 billion class action alleging digital privacy violations.

We prioritize classic advising and problem solving over billable hours. We believe quickly solving a client’s problem with powerful remedies at workable rates, or by encouraging collaborative problem solving with their adversaries, is the best way to develop a sustainable relationship with the client. It’s also the way to establish a long lasting reputation. In addition, we provide clients with holistic advising which takes into account the short and long-term non-legal consequences of their actions. These have included the risk of a foreign government’s extrajudicial retribution, leaks to the press, and credit rating problems.

“I want to recommend Ryan E. Long as a superb results-focused attorney. In addition to legal expertise and the ability to litigate he understands that client needs come first. This means assessing costs and benefits and getting results that the client wants in the time frame the client desires. He’s very accessible, clear, and focused on service and I highly recommend him.”
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As a result, our services are regularly sought out by the vanguard in technology, media, and design industries. Clients include: Taiwan based hardware manufacturer LegendSky Tech Company LTD; best new iTunes app Kanvas Labs; Mr. Ramble Jon Krohn (“RJD2”), composer of the theme music to AMC’s award winning Mad Men series; actor and producer Mr. Edward Burns, who played a G.I. in Saving Private Ryan, among others; Northern Lights Post, a New York based post-production concern; Web Liquid, a digital marketing agency based in New York, London, and Lagos; and Mr. Richard Chai, Council of Fashion Designers of America member and winner of the Swarovski Designer of the Year in 2010.

In order to best serve our East and West coast clients, we have offices in New York and California. Our main office is in Santa Monica. We also have satellite office locations in downtown San Francisco and New York City.

For office locations and information or to contact us, please see our Contact page.

Ryan Long: Principal
Aaron Jackson: Of Counsel
Ryan Long: Principal

Ryan Long: Principal

Professional Experience

Since 2006, Ryan has been solving tricky intellectual property issues for pioneering tech / media / design clients. Currently, he’s a non-residential fellow of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, and Vice Chairman of the Licensing & Technology Transactions Group, California Lawyers Association. Ryan’s intellectual property, litigation, and transactional expertise has helped clients including Kanvas Labs (acquired by AOL) create, protect, and market their creations, solve complex litigation issues, and negotiate complex agreements. Along the way, he has written for, or has been interviewed by, the likes of El Pais, Cognitive Times, and Digital Trends about tech/media issues such as how companies should tackle “deep fake” posts. He recently finished teaching a media law seminar at Pepperdine Law School. Prior to starting this practice, Ryan was an antitrust litigator with Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes & Lerach LLP in New York City, among others.

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Aaron Jackson: Of Counsel

Aaron Jackson: Of Counsel

Aaron is of counsel based in San Francisco.  He provides Bay Area based technology clients with practical and yet creative problem solving focused counseling in corporate and venture capital raising matters.

Professional Experience

Aaron is of counsel based in San Francisco.  As the principal of Jackson Law Group, he provides Bay Area based clients with practical and yet creative problem solving focused counseling in corporate and venture capital raising matters.  Currently, Aaron represents several emerging growth clients in the technology industry, such as Hana Capital Partners, LLC and Fullerton Venture Partners, LLC.

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Media & Entertainment



We constantly study the business of the technology, media, and design industries so as to properly advise our clients. Oftentimes, the application of law to the facts of a problem may be relatively straightforward. However, taking certain actions may cause unwanted collateral damage in other aspects of a client’s business or life. That’s why we have obtained a deep understanding of the industry standard terms, major players, and trends in the technology, media, and design industries. By taking this holistic approach to advising, our clients feel more comfortable when they embark on a recommended path.


Practice without theory makes for unoriginal problem solving. Theory without practice makes for original but impractical thinking. By blending both in counseling our clients about the areas of the law below, our aim is to come to the best practicable solution so as to either forego later problems, or to solve an already existing one. In either case, practiced theory enables us to think of original and simple solutions to complex problems.

Pro Bono

Our commitment to perform under pressure in order to get the best results for every client, every time, also extends to our pro bono services for the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, which is based in Manhattan, and the Surfrider Foundation, which is based in San Clemente, California. More recently, we successfully obtained 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service for Bronx Spotlight Theatre, Inc., which offers a stage on which Bronx youths can perform.


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