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To make legal matters as easy, cost effective, and pleasurable as possible to deal with. Our laid back but quietly effective attorneys have been partnering with clients for over 10 years to craft original and yet potent solutions to legal problems. As a result, we are a trusted advisor to the technology, media, and design industries. Find out more

    • Blockchain -- panacea or bubble?

      Bitcoin maybe a bubble, but blockchain technology is here to stay.

      Ryan E. Long Tuesday, February 06 2018
    • Blockchain -- panacea or bubble?

      Block chain technology is taking the world by storm. From banking to health care, many tout block chain and the bit coin it enables as a cure-all. Others think bit coin is heading towards the ...

    • Popularity doesn't equal truth.

      Facebook's new method of vetting news may be shortsighted.

      Ryan E. Long Thursday, January 25 2018
    • Popularity doesn't equal truth.

      Popularity doesn't equal truth. And yet Facebook's recent proposal to rank the trustworthiness of news sources based on popularity is loosely equating truth with popularity. In so doing, Facebook may ...

    • Want to stay out of jail? Read this.

      Cops can easily stop you, but frisking you is another matter.

      Ryan E. Long Wednesday, January 10 2018
    • Want to stay out of jail? Read this.

      "Stop!" Says the police officer. Do you need to stop? And when the officer wants to frisk you, must you let him or her do it? While much has been written about in the press ...