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    • Leaks, geeks, & reporters

      Leaking is generally illegal, but what about reverse engineering secrets or reporting leaks?

      Ryan E. Long Thursday, March 23 2017
    • Leaks, geeks, & reporters

      The recent spat of Washington D.C. leaks is "unusually active," according to FBI Director Mr. James Comey. Even if the leaks are as normal as they are in an allergic nose dealing with New Orleans ...

    • Gossip can be fun, but also unlawful?

      First Amendment media protection is broad, not infinite.

      Ryan E. Long Thursday, February 23 2017
    • Gossip can be fun, but also unlawful?

      Recently, New York Times reporter Mr. Jacob Bernstein was overheard at a party calling Mrs. Melania Trump a "hooker." Although he subsequently apologized, the legal question is what legal liability, i ...

    • FBI v. Apple -- can doesn't mean should obey.

      FBI's right to evidence needs to be balanced against Apple's intellectual property and Constitutional rights.

      Ryan E. Long Friday, February 19 2016
    • FBI v. Apple -- can doesn't mean should obey.

      The FBI investigates a grizzly murder. You are a bank president. The murderer stored his phone book in your bank's safety deposit box, the code for which is encrypted with copyrighted proprietary soft ...