Practice without theory makes for unoriginal problem solving. Theory without practice makes for original but impractical thinking. By blending both in counseling our clients about the areas of the law below, our aim is to come to the best practicable solution so as to either forego later problems, or to solve an already existing one. In either case, practiced theory enables us to think of original and simple solutions to complex problems.


Intellectual Property

We seek to protect your intellectual creations in the technology, media, and design industries so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. To do that, we try to meet with you during the creative process so as to ensure that your works are eventually protected before or while they go to market. 

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We have successfully represented technology, media, and design clients in high stakes litigation concerning antitrust, appellate, class action, commercial, and intellectual property matters in both state and federal courts, including in the Supreme Court of the United States.

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After you graduate from your infancy to your adolescent corporate self, we will guide you through issues such as franchising, hiring employees, licensing, and bringing in new capital that are particular to the technology, media, and design industries..

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